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The Team

I have always loved dogs but it took many years and experiences to fully understand what they perceive, why they perceive it, and how they react to those perceptions. In 2013, my dog was selected to be rehabilitated and featured on National Geographic’s Cesar 911, my dog was so challenging, Cesar even offered to keep him. Cesar introduced me to Linn Boyke’s School of Dog Psychology, I left my corporate job and for 1 year exclusively studied dogs and traveled the country with my mentor learning everything I could about dogs and developing my craft. In 2016, I relocated to Arizona to continue my education, where I started a brand new company, in a city I knew nothing about, strictly on referrals and helping rescue organizations rehabilitate challenging behavior and medical cases; because of this work, 10 dogs that would have been deemed un-adoptable found committed and loving families that worked with me for weeks and sometimes months to transition these sensitive animals into their new environment. I have helped countless dogs and families have happier homes and built Arizona’s first pack walking company founded entirely on the principles of dog psychology, showing humans a new way to respect the animal aspect of a dog, creating a place where structure and fulfillment allows dogs to experience life in a whole new way.

-Aileen Cronin Founder

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Our Team is looking for dedicated and motivated individuals who are seeking a career in dog psychology 

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